Sounds of the Week

Jan 30: If someone tells you, “The snow increases luminosity, making everything brighter, the air gets brighter, people’s eyes become brighter, and people start to smile more…” - you start to see truth in it.

Jan 12: As an architect, entrepreneur, and also music producer, it's only natural that Jonathan Haehn brings us music as a place...

Mar 28: DWIG doesn't just produce tracks; he reimagines life's soundtrack. 

Mar 21: Musical decades are merged and the modern mold lifted in Mark Ronson's "Daffodils". 

Mar 14: Mr. Pauer's Caribbean roots are undeniable in this adrenaline-infused, body-centric track "Pasión".

Mar 7: French electro-swing duo Synapson raises the standard for dance music. Once you experience electricity like this, it's hard to go back.

Feb 29: Norwegian composer Marte Eberson and singer Martin Halla make a convincing pair. Their enchanting collaboration speaks directly to the human spirit.

Feb 22: Wankelmut brings disarray to new levels in Emma Louise's track "My Head is a Jungle".

Nov 30: Chet Faker & Marcus Marr have conjured up a moody electronic ode to identity and the self-inflicting tendency to lose one's self in another. 

Nov 23: "Home" by indie-pop duo Islandis is the perfect whimsical tune to combat the incoming chill of Winter and keep the good vibes flowing.

Nov 16: Olly Alexander, frontman of Years and Years, slows it down in this recent video release of Eyes Shut. Take a listen to a slightly more upbeat version here

Nov 9: The first single from Coldplay's final album presents a lucid, upbeat trance. Here's hoping to a new project lush with more unique, transcendental sounds!

Nov 2: Anne-Marie, an incredible artist who has toured with Rudimental for the past few years, is finally on the verge of releasing her own album. Here's just a taste with her new single "Boy"-

Oct 26: You know, you're just my type. Saint Motel never fails to bring the party, and in their video for "My Type" the camera rolls past endless drinks, good looks, and curves that go on for decades. 

Oct 19: "American Money" by BØRNS is the perfect rainy day anthem that will make you want to indulge in those chilled, surreal and stormy nights with that guilty pleasure- or two.

Oct 12: Simply beautiful. In this video members of the Manchester Deaf Centre respond to vibrations from the music and the warm movements of artist Sofia Mattioli. 

Oct 5: Rudimental blew NYC away last week with three consecutive shows in Brooklyn & Manhattan. And special guests Will Heard & Anne-Marie brought the house down with their groovy moves and powerhouse vocals.

Sept. 28: Half Moon Run's new album "Sun Leads Me On" comes out October 23rd! Until then, playing this on repeat-

Music and the Mind

Sven Marquardt: The Voice Behind Berghain's Most Powerful Face

It's quiet, and you wonder if you're in the right place. You're walking along an uninviting chain-link fence, and the land beyond is gray and seemingly abandoned. Finally, you find it. Berghain. The most famous, enigmatic electronic music club in the world. The line goes on for ages, and you think to yourself, Am I really going to wait an hour to get into this place?

Berghain is notorious for its line, among so much more. It really does take an hour, if you're lucky, to reach the door. And no matter how long you wait, one man holds the unarguable power to decide if you're allowed to enter or not. His name is Sven Marquardt. Read more...

Binaural Beats Taking You to New Heights

Binaural beats are causing alarm in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, as people are using audio files to achieve a very unique kind of high. Deemed illegal, the sounds are placed on the same level of drug usage as MDMA and Cannabis. Read more... 

Music & Food: You Can't Play Tricks on Me

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Do we crave pizza because it's the only food we can find late at night, or is it the bass-bass-bass of the music that amps our cravings? Or maybe it's the alcohol which increases our need for grease. That bass (x3) might play a bigger role than you think.

Researcher Charles Spence led a study on the influences of music on food. The conclusion? Particular pitches can change the way that we taste food and can even influence our cravings.

"High pitched sounds are mainly associated with sweet and sour tasting foods while low pitched notes are more commonly paired with more bitter and umami tastes.

Makes me wonder though, how powerful can subliminal advertising be if even music plays a part in controlling our desires?

Featured Playlist

Winter's here, but the beats keep coming. The streets may be quiet, but behind closed doors the party never stops.

Long Live Summer 2015

Summer playlist featuring Florence and the Machine, The Wombats, Alessia Cara, & more.

In the Spotlight

DWIG: Lullabies for the Wakeful

There's something to be said- or not said- about an artist that can create something that's not only a track on their EP but a mood, a vibe, a lifestyle. There are songs, and then there are pulses. DWIG, which is short for Die Wiese Im Garten, is one of the few magic-making producers that's able to alter your surroundings...

Made in Heights

In 2009 hip hop aficionado Sabzi, formerly of Blue Scholars, and singer-songwriter Kelsey Bulkin teamed up to produce the electro-pop project Made in Heights. Like the name implies, the duo’s dynamic artistry goes above and beyond and the effects are nothing less than breathtaking... 

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

For all the opportunists out there, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is finally available on Netflix. Written and directed by Ana Lily Amirpour, this eerie vampire film stays true to Amirpour's striking dystopian style and has been referred to as the first "Iranian Vampire Western". The film was shot at an American power plant, which in black and white serves beautifully in its depiction of the decrepit Bad City. The setting is timeless, as is Amirpour's unabashed and awe-inspiring artistic exploration. Read more...

Kasbo: The Newest Member of the Odesza Brotherhood

Nineteen-year-old Swedish producer Kasbo has received some heavy accolade from Odesza and Porter Robinson, authorities of the current electronic music scene. And he's just landed a string of support gigs on Odesza's ongoing 'In Return' tour. Kasbo's newly released EP 'Umbrella Club' is definitely in line with Odesza's good feels...

FDVM, Burning Man Thanks You

It's been almost three decades since the first man burned. An unconventional music, arts, and cultural festival, Burning Man takes place in Black Rock City, a pop-up community that springs to life annually in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. The living, breathing event promotes active participation among all. A very conscious and special unity exists between performers and spectators, or rather participants, whose relationships interchange throughout the 9-day event. And get this, there is no main stage. The two designated stages give the audience more intimate experiences. And those featured in the lineup depend on their listeners for creative interactions, food, drinks, and whatever else those inhabiting Black Rock City wish to provide.        Read more...